Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Peek In My Drawers

Today I'm going to show you my drawers.  But first, see the dish cupboard above, with dishes that I promised to show you in the Cupboard Anthropologist post.  They look so clean and happy in their new home.

But then, I decided what we needed next, was to put utensils, towels, wraps and Ziplocks somewhere.  That's generally the domain of drawers.  I have four of them and two were easily done.  But the remaining two, were not.  

Sometime in the past, someone thought it was a good idea to glue linoleum to the bottom of the poor little drawers.  The linoleum was now peeling up away from the glue.  I had two options - try to glue the stuff back down or pull it out and see if I could clean it up and cover the glue.  I chose the latter option because frankly, the linoleum and glue smelled bad.

This is what the poor drawers looked like underneath:

I scrubbed at them the best I could, but in the end, conceded defeat.  Short of spending hours or days on them, which I'd rather not do, some of that glue or whatever it is, would have to stay.  However, that meant that the bottom of the drawers would be bumpy and not a good surface to put contact paper on.

So, I turned to a substance in which all people who have just moved in have in abundance.  I cut out pieces of cardboard to lay on the bottom of the drawers.

Over this, I lined with Contact Paper and went up the sides to seal around it.  It's not the most perfect solution but I'm satisfied that it's as good as I can get it and still functional.  

And voila!  Now you have seen the inside of my drawers.  

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