Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sinking Feeling

The tools of the trade

Someone commented to me after seeing the A Peek in My Drawers Post, that they wouldn't put so much into a rental.  Normally, I wouldn't either and I didn't in our previous apartment.  But after living in a home for thirteen years in which we could improve as we wanted, I look at things differently.  I'm used to affecting my environment and personalizing it with my tastes and likes.

Contact paper, hot glue and paint are fairly cheap.  They do take a little time to apply, but the joy I have on seeing the end results are worth it.  And if I can open my cupboards and drawers and feel joy instead of revulsion, so much the better.

Case in point, the space under the kitchen sink.  I've been putting this one off, because every time I looked under there, I shuddered.  Let me show you why:

This is after I started to scrub it down.  I went through five buckets of hot soapy water until I got to this point:

It may not look like a vast improvement, but all the grime int he corners and edges are gone.  I took out all the loose tiles and scrubbed the boards they were on.  It's pretty clean now, but I still shuddered slightly as I looked in.  The boards underneath are lovely, but short of chipping up all the tile and making it a bigger project, I realized that I needed to turn to one of my favorite tools.

I took out a roll of white. vinyl shelf paper that I purchased to line the kitchen backsplash.  After carefully cutting out spots around the pipes, I applied some hot glue to tack it in place.

The results now make me smile, even if I didn't get it lined up perfectly in the back.  But who cares, I can't see it now that my garbage can and cleaning supplies are in there.  And I also have a food scrap bucket because we have no garbage pick up.  But that's a tale for another day.

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